Sep 5, 2015

Nexus 5X: a new concept appears on the Web

The Nexus 5X could be announced September 29 according to the latest rumors. Meanwhile, a designer has to share a new concept of the future smartphone from Google, which is very similar renderings factory that had circulated on the Internet some time ago.

If you read carefully, you may have seen pass this week the concept of Nokia N1, an Android smartphone inspired by N1 shelf Finns. Envisioned by designer Kim Wayne, this concept has even been around the web yesterday, many sites (not least) whereas these visual as a real leak. Well, the same Kim Wayne returns today with a new concept of the Nexus 5X.

We have seen several leaks circulating on the Nexus 5. Indeed, if its characteristics are still quite mysterious, its design seems to be known, since several smartphone pictures and that video made based on factory have leaked on the web. The concept that we see here is also aesthetically very close. Only uncertainty: what material will dress the Nexus 5X? If the rumors suggest a metal shell, visual flow that we could see it most feature with polycarbonate shell.

Remember also the latest rumors circulating about its specifications. Under its screen of 5.2 inches, which we do not yet know the definition (Full HD or QHD?), The Nexus 5X hide a hexa-core Snapdragon SoC 808, Adreno 418 GPU and 3GB of RAM LPDDR3 according to some sources. According to other sources, it would be powered by a Snapdragon 620 processor and 4GB of RAM. The camera equipment should be based on a Sony IMX278 sensor with 13 megapixels and OIS on this webcam on the front for which we do not yet know the resolution. The Nexus 5X remains still very mysterious, as you can see. But it could be revealed on September 29, when it should be formalized by Google according to the latest rumors.
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