Aug 22, 2011

Acer Liquid Mini

The new Acer mini offers all the liquid refreshments lifestyle friends a powerful multimedia smartphone, which impresses with its elegant design and rich functionality. Especially the high quality workmanship that make rolling lines of the soft-touch housing and the richly detailed chrome accents, the new smartphone into an accessory of the highest class. Specially optimized for playback of multimedia content, ensures the Acer Liquid Mini on the road to the perfect enjoyment of music or videos, and access to the Internet, social networks and personal e-mails at any time. The new Acer Liquid Mini has a 3.2 inch display HVGA multitouch screen, the multimedia content at high quality and vibrant colors. Thus, guarantees razor sharp images and easy to read text in any environment and under all lighting conditions. In addition, the display is optimized for viewing Web pages, making surfing the Internet is very comfortable. The integrated multi-touch functionality also enables intuitive control of your smartphone: can scroll through a simple touch of the LCD with the fingertips of the user to select files, launch applications and navigate through menus and are thus easily access music files, videos or pictures.  

In addition, the edges of the durable soft-touch housing are decorated with stylish chrome inserts. With its softly rounded corners and edges of the small all-rounder is perfectly comfortable in the hand and can be used as a one-hand device. Thus, the small, compact Acer Liquid Mini will become a trendy accessory, which is with dimensions of only 110 x 57 mm in any pocket and a permanent mobile companion. The operating system was installed Android ™ 2.2 Froyo, which in multimedia entertainment, web navigation and contacts on social networks is a whole new level. Via the clearly arranged user interface, the user can quickly and easily access all data and applications, which can quickly perform the desired actions. With the integrated wireless options, the MP3 player and the stored sound profiles, the user can use many features of the Acer Liquid Mini without having to browse the available menus. Thus, the use of smartphones is very simple. Furthermore, the Acer Liquid Mini equipped with many useful Google applications including Gmail, Google Maps, Google Talk and Google navigation. In addition, an easily understandable interface allows the Android Market with more than 100,000 applications to download and install new apps, games or updates from Google and other developers. The storage capacity of the new Acer Liquid Mini can be expanded via memory card slot up to 32GB, so plenty of space for music, videos and applications is available. Integrated 3G connectivity and provides comprehensive flowing stream of videos that are played on the 3.2 inch LCD in bright colors. The built-in FM tuner also receives the preferred way radio broadcasts.

The 5 megapixel camera with flash provides a variety of settings and is thus ideal to capture memorable moments of life in snapshots. In addition, a recording of a video with 480p resolution is possible. With just one click, the images and movies on Facebook, YouTube and Flickr to be uploaded. The Acer "social jogger" combines all Facebook and Twitter feeds. Trackwheel can be easily seen through entries and updated with the corresponding widget on the home screen. The user-friendly interface, the user can create groups and filters, to see the main feeds from friends and family members immediately, content to comment directly and to share with his contacts. About Documents To Go pre-installed at any time and anywhere creates files in Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint and edit, as well as Adobe PDF files. Even for users who want to manage multiple business and personal e-mail accounts, including e-mail attachments on a smartphone, the Acer Liquid Mini is the ideal choice. It supports all popular e-mail service and Microsoft Exchange Server via RoadSync. In addition, can be quickly researched on the Internet and downloaded via the high-speed data connection. With the DLNA / UPnP technology content directly to DLNA enabled devices, including PCs, TVs or projectors are transmitted. Furthermore, on the Acer Mini Liquid "Acer" pre-installed, to ensure easy integration into the home network. Acer is a convenient software solution for the controlled sharing of information. All information is made available under a common system with common user interface, regardless of where they are stored. All compatible devices that are integrated into the home network are automatically detected. So enjoy the limitless multimedia fast and easy and the user can from any device to access all information via Acer embed devices.