Jul 20, 2011

Motorola Atrix –Cloud Computing

With cloud computing technology, the hardware requirements need to shrink dramatically in the office. Instead of desktop computers with space mobility is paramount. Instead of a large office computer reaches a small operating system that fits in addition to cell phone. Cloud computing enables the two core approaches to cost efficiency: to entertain instead of expensive proprietary data and computing resources, companies use the services of professional data centers. Local software and replace them with tailor-made online services billed per user, including security updates and viruses.

Motorola has created the innovative hardware approach with "Atrix". It meets the aptly cloud computing requirements for both the business and multimedia requirements for private use. Externally, the device meets the weight and dimensions of the attractive design of a slim smartphone. It integrates 'Atrix' two operating systems into the machine, a powerful smartphone based on Android, and a miniature PC. A faster dual-core processor delivers with 2 x 1 GHz processing power for the power and performance of a conventional computer. Using the docking station is a small mobile phone as a link between conventional keyboard and screen, and the cloud solutions.

To take advantage of the lean solution on the road, Motorola has developed the "Atrix" Additional Components "Lapdock" calls with the handset manufacturers with the screen and keyboard extension that reminds externally to a portable computer. Again, the "Atrix" is the heart. But not only in everyday business is the "Atrix" an intelligent solution. For the system, there is the so-called HD Multimedia dock - a connector to TV and stereo.