Oct 20, 2011

HP Veer WebOS-Smartphone

Palm Introduces the HP company, with a particularly compact Veer WebOS smartphone. Still do not have the comfort features like a slide out QWERTY keyboard and wireless-n will be omitted. The Veer has published a 2.57-inch glass screen on which a resolution of 320 x 400 pixels up to 262,144 colors. Among the typical gesture WebOS area exists, over which the mobile phone is partially served. Typing should be easily possible on the pull-out QWERTY keyboard. 

With the integrated 5-megapixel camera can record videos, too. As the processor is one of Qualcomm's Snapdragon is used, which runs at a clock speed of 800 MHz. The internal memory is only 8 GB in size, with an extensive music collection can be quickly run out, especially since the users of which only about 6.5 GB available.
Is a memory card slot does not exist. The RAM is 512 MB. In addition, the smartphone has a GPS receiver and the Palm typical ringer switch. Is a 3.5-mm jack, it only via adapter, which is magnetically attached to the mobile phone. Whether this mechanism holds in practice is questionable. The UMTS mobile phone works in all the four GSM networks and offers GPRS and EDGE and HSDPA at up to 7.2 Mbit / s. In addition, WLAN 802.11 b / g / n and Bluetooth 2.1 including A2DP profile provided. With the mobile hotspot application of HP's mobile phone can be connected to the wireless router for up to five devices.  

The Veer comes with the multitasking operating system WebOS 2.2 on the market. Contained in the WebOS Webkit browser will then work with the beta version of Flash 10.1; a final version is still not there for WebOS. In conjunction with the new HP Tablet WebOS-sharing feature is supported in contact. If a tablet with the Veer WebOS 3.0 touches, URLs will be transferred. Achieving this goal requires both devices at the same WebOS account logged in and be connected to the Internet. The Veer measures 84 x 54.5 x 15.1 mm and weighs 103 grams, which is comparatively little weight for a smartphone. The battery pack has a capacity of 910 mAh. The values ​​for the battery life times are given only vague. The maximum talk time is 5 hours; it is not known whether this applies to UMTS or GSM mode. The standby time is HP with 12.5 days. The inductive charging station Touchstone is directly supported by Veer. Thus the battery can be charged easily by the mobile phone is placed on the cradle as an accessory offered. Cable plug eliminates annoying. Here, the Exhibition mode of WebOS is supported. How much will cost the mobile phone then, HP was still a secret.

Sep 19, 2011

LG P970 Optimus Black with NOVA Technology

Super flat, super light and super energy-efficient: The new Android-model LG P970 Optimus Black represents a new form of superlatives for smartphones. The NOVA-display with a screen diagonal of 10.2 inches guarantees the brightest, clearest and most visible display on a mobile phone display - even in direct sunlight. LG brings a superlative with the design of the new Android model: With only 9.2 millimeters, the LG P970 Optimus Black is one of the thinnest smartphones on the market. LG's technology-NOVA-brightness With a luminance of 700 cd / m² (candela per square meter) is the new standard display NOVA: Very good smartphones currently on display come up to 480 cd / m². Thanks to its greater brightness and pure white tones that allow high-contrast black and white display, the new smartphone users with more comfort when surfing the Internet, read e-mails and writing documents.

The NOVA display also shows its "green" side: it not only has a higher luminosity, but also ensures a significant reduction in energy consumption. Compared to a conventional LCD display, the display requires 50 percent less electricity. AMOLEDs also consume twice as much energy as a NOVA display for displaying a mostly white screen, so the color scheme that is most commonly used for Web browsing. In connection with the 1500 mAh battery of the LG P970 Optimus Black users is enough for their daily energy requirements, even at maximum brightness adjustment available. Superlatives in terms of style
Thanks to its ultra-slim 9.2 mm design is the LG P970 Optimus Black more than just stylish accents: With a weight of just 109 grams, elegant lines and rounded edges, the new smartphone into a real flatterer. With the sophisticated rear of the unit, which approaches flat on the outside, the profile of 6.0 millimeters, looks slim again. A distinctive feature of the LG P970 Optimus Black is the minimalist design - even the speaker is almost invisible under the integrated phone.

As the world's first device supports the LG P970 Optimus Black Wi-Fi Direct for the fast transfer of data to other devices. In addition, the new Android phone, a number of intelligent functions for easy and faster access to relevant applications and content. The OPTIMUS user interface (UI) 2.0 allows users to have direct access to news, emails and missed calls with the touch of a finger on the locked screen. The control also supports an intuitive gesture commands like lifting, shaking and tapping to accept calls to switch to camera mode or to enjoy music. Also new is the equipment with a front camera with 2 megapixel resolution. All features of the LG P970 Optimus Black are available on the Android 2.2 Froyo platform with the possibility of future upgrade to Android 2.3 Gingerbread. After an upgrade to Android Gingerbread users can make video calls with a higher quality than the 2-megapixel front camera of the LG P970 Optimus Black.

Aug 22, 2011

Acer Liquid Mini

The new Acer mini offers all the liquid refreshments lifestyle friends a powerful multimedia smartphone, which impresses with its elegant design and rich functionality. Especially the high quality workmanship that make rolling lines of the soft-touch housing and the richly detailed chrome accents, the new smartphone into an accessory of the highest class. Specially optimized for playback of multimedia content, ensures the Acer Liquid Mini on the road to the perfect enjoyment of music or videos, and access to the Internet, social networks and personal e-mails at any time. The new Acer Liquid Mini has a 3.2 inch display HVGA multitouch screen, the multimedia content at high quality and vibrant colors. Thus, guarantees razor sharp images and easy to read text in any environment and under all lighting conditions. In addition, the display is optimized for viewing Web pages, making surfing the Internet is very comfortable. The integrated multi-touch functionality also enables intuitive control of your smartphone: can scroll through a simple touch of the LCD with the fingertips of the user to select files, launch applications and navigate through menus and are thus easily access music files, videos or pictures.  

In addition, the edges of the durable soft-touch housing are decorated with stylish chrome inserts. With its softly rounded corners and edges of the small all-rounder is perfectly comfortable in the hand and can be used as a one-hand device. Thus, the small, compact Acer Liquid Mini will become a trendy accessory, which is with dimensions of only 110 x 57 mm in any pocket and a permanent mobile companion. The operating system was installed Android ™ 2.2 Froyo, which in multimedia entertainment, web navigation and contacts on social networks is a whole new level. Via the clearly arranged user interface, the user can quickly and easily access all data and applications, which can quickly perform the desired actions. With the integrated wireless options, the MP3 player and the stored sound profiles, the user can use many features of the Acer Liquid Mini without having to browse the available menus. Thus, the use of smartphones is very simple. Furthermore, the Acer Liquid Mini equipped with many useful Google applications including Gmail, Google Maps, Google Talk and Google navigation. In addition, an easily understandable interface allows the Android Market with more than 100,000 applications to download and install new apps, games or updates from Google and other developers. The storage capacity of the new Acer Liquid Mini can be expanded via memory card slot up to 32GB, so plenty of space for music, videos and applications is available. Integrated 3G connectivity and provides comprehensive flowing stream of videos that are played on the 3.2 inch LCD in bright colors. The built-in FM tuner also receives the preferred way radio broadcasts.

The 5 megapixel camera with flash provides a variety of settings and is thus ideal to capture memorable moments of life in snapshots. In addition, a recording of a video with 480p resolution is possible. With just one click, the images and movies on Facebook, YouTube and Flickr to be uploaded. The Acer "social jogger" combines all Facebook and Twitter feeds. Trackwheel can be easily seen through entries and updated with the corresponding widget on the home screen. The user-friendly interface, the user can create groups and filters, to see the main feeds from friends and family members immediately, content to comment directly and to share with his contacts. About Documents To Go pre-installed at any time and anywhere creates files in Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint and edit, as well as Adobe PDF files. Even for users who want to manage multiple business and personal e-mail accounts, including e-mail attachments on a smartphone, the Acer Liquid Mini is the ideal choice. It supports all popular e-mail service and Microsoft Exchange Server via RoadSync. In addition, can be quickly researched on the Internet and downloaded via the high-speed data connection. With the DLNA / UPnP technology content directly to DLNA enabled devices, including PCs, TVs or projectors are transmitted. Furthermore, on the Acer Mini Liquid "Acer clear.fi" pre-installed, to ensure easy integration into the home network. Acer clear.fi is a convenient software solution for the controlled sharing of information. All information is made available under a common system with common user interface, regardless of where they are stored. All compatible devices that are integrated into the home network are automatically detected. So enjoy the limitless multimedia fast and easy and the user can from any device to access all information via Acer clear.fi embed devices.

Jul 20, 2011

Motorola Atrix –Cloud Computing

With cloud computing technology, the hardware requirements need to shrink dramatically in the office. Instead of desktop computers with space mobility is paramount. Instead of a large office computer reaches a small operating system that fits in addition to cell phone. Cloud computing enables the two core approaches to cost efficiency: to entertain instead of expensive proprietary data and computing resources, companies use the services of professional data centers. Local software and replace them with tailor-made online services billed per user, including security updates and viruses.

Motorola has created the innovative hardware approach with "Atrix". It meets the aptly cloud computing requirements for both the business and multimedia requirements for private use. Externally, the device meets the weight and dimensions of the attractive design of a slim smartphone. It integrates 'Atrix' two operating systems into the machine, a powerful smartphone based on Android, and a miniature PC. A faster dual-core processor delivers with 2 x 1 GHz processing power for the power and performance of a conventional computer. Using the docking station is a small mobile phone as a link between conventional keyboard and screen, and the cloud solutions.

To take advantage of the lean solution on the road, Motorola has developed the "Atrix" Additional Components "Lapdock" calls with the handset manufacturers with the screen and keyboard extension that reminds externally to a portable computer. Again, the "Atrix" is the heart. But not only in everyday business is the "Atrix" an intelligent solution. For the system, there is the so-called HD Multimedia dock - a connector to TV and stereo.

Jun 20, 2011

Nokia N9 MeeGo Smartphone

Nokia finally brought the long awaited N9 on the market. Striking first and foremost is the new design, which consists almost solely of a display, and all around simple and has more slender elegance. The special thing about the new Nokia N9: the operation is done only by tapping and swipe motions on the screen, navigating through the menu are entirely without buttons. The service adapts to the needs of most users to: apps, social media and multitasking. With the latest technology in audio, navigation and camera range, the Nokia N9 a holistic design experience. The N9 acts with its opulent features such as an attempted coup. After years of hesitation and many small and idiosyncratic mobile phones, all of which is not the new breakthrough for Nokia brought about, the N9 really outstanding. However, there comes a little late. A year ago it would have had the makings of a top seller. Meanwhile, however, as many other manufacturers have similar models on the market, the Nokia N9 is probably lost in the crowd more. Without a keyboard or Home button on the display user access by simply tapping the floating icons to the content. The curved glass screen from the main menu items classified into three individually recordable start page views. 

The large 9.9 inch AMOLED screen is made of scratch-resistant glass and gorilla permits a precise, sensitive operation. Swipe-movements lead the user through all areas of the Nokia N9. Twice on the touch screen replaces the keyboard lock, a swipe motion automatically opens the last application accessed. When the user wants to switch to another app, "wipes" or he can swept the active app just from the screen. The applications disappear into the background and can be recalled at any time - this is true multitasking possible. The casing of the Nokia N9 consists of the best currently available polycarbonate. This material provides a significantly better performance than conventional antenna smartphones usual. For the user this means that generally better reception, better voice quality and fewer dropped calls. The 8-megapixel Carl Zeiss autofocus sensor, a wide-angle lens, an HD video camera and a big aperture in low light conditions make for an excellent camera performance. The Nokia N9 is one of the best camera phones currently available. Movies are in 16:9 widescreen formats playable. The Nokia N9 is the first smartphone in the world with Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby Headphone technology. Users enjoy the music in Dolby Surround, no matter what headphones with - a dream for any music lover. 

The Nokia N9 is also convincing in multimedia applications. Through the wireless technology of NFC-image and video delivery is made easy. With a tap can be equipped with Bluetooth accessories, such as the Nokia NFC-enabled wireless link play 360 speakers, which is included in the accessories package. Preinstalled on the new Nokia N9 is also a free "turn-by-turn" navigation system with voice directions for motorists and pedestrians. There is also a special app for navigation use in the car with them. Despite Nokia's announcement, now working closely with Microsoft and continue to set to "Windows Mobile" is the first N9 contain the in-house operating system Meego. The first Windows smartphones, Nokia will deliver later this year, certainly, but MeeGo was planned a long time. Presumably, the N9 will be but also one of the last MeeGo smartphones, as Nokia does not really want to develop it more. The Nokia N9 comes in three colors on the market: black, magenta and cyan. With a 16 GB and 64 GB of memory, the Nokia N9 is mass. A price has not yet been determined.