Sep 19, 2011

LG P970 Optimus Black with NOVA Technology

Super flat, super light and super energy-efficient: The new Android-model LG P970 Optimus Black represents a new form of superlatives for smartphones. The NOVA-display with a screen diagonal of 10.2 inches guarantees the brightest, clearest and most visible display on a mobile phone display - even in direct sunlight. LG brings a superlative with the design of the new Android model: With only 9.2 millimeters, the LG P970 Optimus Black is one of the thinnest smartphones on the market. LG's technology-NOVA-brightness With a luminance of 700 cd / m² (candela per square meter) is the new standard display NOVA: Very good smartphones currently on display come up to 480 cd / m². Thanks to its greater brightness and pure white tones that allow high-contrast black and white display, the new smartphone users with more comfort when surfing the Internet, read e-mails and writing documents.

The NOVA display also shows its "green" side: it not only has a higher luminosity, but also ensures a significant reduction in energy consumption. Compared to a conventional LCD display, the display requires 50 percent less electricity. AMOLEDs also consume twice as much energy as a NOVA display for displaying a mostly white screen, so the color scheme that is most commonly used for Web browsing. In connection with the 1500 mAh battery of the LG P970 Optimus Black users is enough for their daily energy requirements, even at maximum brightness adjustment available. Superlatives in terms of style
Thanks to its ultra-slim 9.2 mm design is the LG P970 Optimus Black more than just stylish accents: With a weight of just 109 grams, elegant lines and rounded edges, the new smartphone into a real flatterer. With the sophisticated rear of the unit, which approaches flat on the outside, the profile of 6.0 millimeters, looks slim again. A distinctive feature of the LG P970 Optimus Black is the minimalist design - even the speaker is almost invisible under the integrated phone.

As the world's first device supports the LG P970 Optimus Black Wi-Fi Direct for the fast transfer of data to other devices. In addition, the new Android phone, a number of intelligent functions for easy and faster access to relevant applications and content. The OPTIMUS user interface (UI) 2.0 allows users to have direct access to news, emails and missed calls with the touch of a finger on the locked screen. The control also supports an intuitive gesture commands like lifting, shaking and tapping to accept calls to switch to camera mode or to enjoy music. Also new is the equipment with a front camera with 2 megapixel resolution. All features of the LG P970 Optimus Black are available on the Android 2.2 Froyo platform with the possibility of future upgrade to Android 2.3 Gingerbread. After an upgrade to Android Gingerbread users can make video calls with a higher quality than the 2-megapixel front camera of the LG P970 Optimus Black.
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