Jun 20, 2011

Nokia N9 MeeGo Smartphone

Nokia finally brought the long awaited N9 on the market. Striking first and foremost is the new design, which consists almost solely of a display, and all around simple and has more slender elegance. The special thing about the new Nokia N9: the operation is done only by tapping and swipe motions on the screen, navigating through the menu are entirely without buttons. The service adapts to the needs of most users to: apps, social media and multitasking. With the latest technology in audio, navigation and camera range, the Nokia N9 a holistic design experience. The N9 acts with its opulent features such as an attempted coup. After years of hesitation and many small and idiosyncratic mobile phones, all of which is not the new breakthrough for Nokia brought about, the N9 really outstanding. However, there comes a little late. A year ago it would have had the makings of a top seller. Meanwhile, however, as many other manufacturers have similar models on the market, the Nokia N9 is probably lost in the crowd more. Without a keyboard or Home button on the display user access by simply tapping the floating icons to the content. The curved glass screen from the main menu items classified into three individually recordable start page views. 

The large 9.9 inch AMOLED screen is made of scratch-resistant glass and gorilla permits a precise, sensitive operation. Swipe-movements lead the user through all areas of the Nokia N9. Twice on the touch screen replaces the keyboard lock, a swipe motion automatically opens the last application accessed. When the user wants to switch to another app, "wipes" or he can swept the active app just from the screen. The applications disappear into the background and can be recalled at any time - this is true multitasking possible. The casing of the Nokia N9 consists of the best currently available polycarbonate. This material provides a significantly better performance than conventional antenna smartphones usual. For the user this means that generally better reception, better voice quality and fewer dropped calls. The 8-megapixel Carl Zeiss autofocus sensor, a wide-angle lens, an HD video camera and a big aperture in low light conditions make for an excellent camera performance. The Nokia N9 is one of the best camera phones currently available. Movies are in 16:9 widescreen formats playable. The Nokia N9 is the first smartphone in the world with Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby Headphone technology. Users enjoy the music in Dolby Surround, no matter what headphones with - a dream for any music lover. 

The Nokia N9 is also convincing in multimedia applications. Through the wireless technology of NFC-image and video delivery is made easy. With a tap can be equipped with Bluetooth accessories, such as the Nokia NFC-enabled wireless link play 360 speakers, which is included in the accessories package. Preinstalled on the new Nokia N9 is also a free "turn-by-turn" navigation system with voice directions for motorists and pedestrians. There is also a special app for navigation use in the car with them. Despite Nokia's announcement, now working closely with Microsoft and continue to set to "Windows Mobile" is the first N9 contain the in-house operating system Meego. The first Windows smartphones, Nokia will deliver later this year, certainly, but MeeGo was planned a long time. Presumably, the N9 will be but also one of the last MeeGo smartphones, as Nokia does not really want to develop it more. The Nokia N9 comes in three colors on the market: black, magenta and cyan. With a 16 GB and 64 GB of memory, the Nokia N9 is mass. A price has not yet been determined.
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