Sep 5, 2015

Sony Xperia Z5 : Victim syndrome of Xperia Z3 +? (IFA 2015)

At the IFA, some journalists had the opportunity to play with the Xperia Z5, new flagship of Sony for this year end. During some tests with the product, the unthinkable is again produced, photo support. We thought the setbacks of the commercial launch of Sony Xperia Z3 + had immunized for several years against the risks related to the overheating of its platforms, particularly among journalists. Following the release that more massive a video of our colleagues of Android Pit in early summer that was chilling, it was logical to expect from Sony extreme care in the choice of its components, as to the design of its product and about the optimization of its platform, including one that would ensure the replacement of a Z3 + not so well born.

Imagine our surprise when we found the photo below. It was taken by one of our colleagues at PhoneArena on the Sony stand at IFA, taking place currently in Berlin. Here are reports of the Editor: After a grip of the general interface, he opened the photo application to assess possible changes.

By browsing the options without start recording 4K gave few hot flashes to Sony management, application stopped moments after its opening, explaining that it should be closed by the time the cool platform starts. It confirms that the chassis is hot, but not burning. You will notice that there are a lot of people in a room that the products are positioned in spots throughout the day and are constantly manipulated. Even so, it does not.

The reporter obviously spoke with Sony officials there. He explained that the versions of the Xperia Z5 which are on display at the Berlin salon is not the final copies. Overheating problems and optimization of the system are still being finalized. And this kind of mishap obviously does not happen with business models. Déjà vu course

We are clearly not concerned vis-à-vis the smartphone. Technically, it is almost certain that the founder and the manufacturer will find a solution to this technical problem, as was the case with the Xperia Z3 +, even if it has to go through a clamping octo-core. We believe, like the Z3 +, the Z5 will be a great product on the high end and it is safe to use (even if the machining errors are not impossible either).

However, we are surprised that Sony, after the bad buzz that he suffered with the Z3 +, did not bother to verify in detail that this type of mishap can happen on a show like IFA, where all journalists are equipped with a camera, one or two smartphones and a permanent Internet connection. For if we are conciliatory, consumers will not necessarily do as much. And at a time when the economic balance of the mobile branch of Sony is tossing, this photo can be expensive.
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