Jul 3, 2015

Android One: Google and Lava are preparing to launch a new smartphone in India

New Android One smartphone will be launched on 14th July. Where? In India, where the program had been launched before failing a few weeks later. But Google hopes to avoid repeating the same mistakes with Lava, its new partner, moving from Karbonn, Spice and Micromax.

Android One has not met with the expected success in India. Too bad, it was the first market to receive the program, far from being uninteresting, Google. This is fortunately not going to stop there. New partners have allowed them to try its luck elsewhere, while the former have gradually abandoned. Smartphones have thus been launched in seven other Asian markets, the latter was Burma. It was there just over a week but a new launch is already on the horizon.

The information comes from the Economic Times, an Indian publication, and this is no coincidence as it is in India that the next Android smartphone One should be initiated. Google would be finally able to convince a new local manufacturer, Lava International, to join its program, but not without some concessions. The same publication refers to an Android One 2.0 to reflect the new strategy of the US giant.

It differs from the first in two important respects. These are obviously those who caused the failure of Android One in India. The first is price. Google has clearly understood that the Indian market is too competitive for it and abandons the "first prize" aims to try to stand out otherwise. The smartphone Lava thus expected for the equivalent of $ 190, double the price at which the first models were sold, and this, in virtual but also physical shops.

It is indeed the second change made by Google since decided that Android One sale would begin exclusive online last year, but with the intention to drag the physical sale thereafter. Unfortunately, it was too late to resellers who had apparently felt sidelined at the start and were added to them with too low margins. So they had finally refused to sell Android One smartphones. This time, everyone will be housed in the same boat.

It remains to be seen whether this will be enough and what is in this first Android One 2.0 smartphone since no technical detail is of course provided. We still should not have to wait long, since the launch would be scheduled on 14 July.
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