Jul 3, 2015

Samsung would provide many smartphones running Tizen following the "success" of Z1

Tizen, the operating system co-developed by Samsung and based on Linux should be present on several smartphones for the year 2015. The Samsung Z1, the first smartphone brand in Tizen, would not be alone. We imagine that the excellent sales of the latter figures have motivated this decision to expand the existing ecosystem in Tizen.

If you are not yet familiar with Tizen, we have to get used to hear that name since it should come back often in the news these coming months. According to sources Reuters familiar with the matter, Samsung would provide to market several smartphones with Tizen later this year. For now, the only smartphone available in the Samsung Tizen is Z1, delayed on numerous occasions in 2014 and finally released in January 2015. It was launched in emerging markets including India with the objective of making the shade for cheap terminals under Android One.

If the first few weeks of marketing have been difficult for Samsung because of price positioning wobbly reviewed thereafter, the sales figures have grown rapidly. One month after its launch, the Samsung Z1 had passed in India to 100 000 units , representing a small share of 1% market when Android devices less than 100 dollars to sell 2.8 million copies each months. But market share appears to have increased since Samsung have been over a million this Tizen smartphone in India for the first six months of its release. This is a little better and these figures were welcomed by executives from Samsung as they exceeded initial forecasts.

Samsung would provide a successor to the Z1 with more games and instant messaging applications. A model of golden Z1 is also under consideration. It will be sold at the same price as the current Z1 (about 80$). The successor to the Z1 should work to integrate it a tariff segment a little different because it is a question of a range between 120 and 220 dollars. To attract more customers, Samsung now has to build on applications compatible with Tizen. These have doubled since January and rely heavily on the Samsung Tizen Development Summit this summer in India. The Tizen Machine seems on and we guess that Samsung wants to replace an Android update throughout its range since the Korean giant announced last May that Tizen would be the nerve center of its products by 2020.
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