Sep 29, 2010

Nokia C3 Touch and Type

Another model of the C-series, Nokia has now introduced the C3 Touch and Type. The new C3 is related to the C3 without the suffix Touch and Type only in the broad sense. The Nokia C3 Touch and Type of the Finnish mobile phone manufacturer uses an unusual control concept that combines a touch screen with an ordinary cell phone keypad. A new mobile phone, Nokia has now introduced the C3 Touch and Type. As the name carries, the Touch and Type is a fully independent model, which, by its namesake little in common. The home-based Nokia's own operating system S40 Touch and Type C3 has a rare combination of operational concept, the touch screen and normal keypad.

The Nokia Touch and Type C3 comes in candy bar format, provides a 2.4-inch touchscreen with a resolution of 240 by 320 pixels. The new Nokia mobile phone can therefore not operate in landscape mode. With a size of 111 times 11 times 47.5 mm and weighing 100 grams, the Touch and Type C3 is quite pocket-compatible. For good equipment includes, among other things, a 5 megapixel camera with LED light. On a second camera video chat can be carried out. Thanks for HSDPA, HSUPA and WiFi in the current fast-n standard, this would make the new Touch and Type C3 much pleasure. One can carry at least fast data connections with a number of Internet tools which can be deposited on Facebook, Twitter and also on the home screen of the new S40 phones. The Nokia C3 Touch and Type will be available in a few weeks for some 190 euros in the trade.
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