Sep 29, 2010

Motorola Dual Sim Phones

In short, two new Dual SIM phones from Motorola appear. The Internet rumors of a Motorola EX128 and EX115 tell that these phones come with a large touchscreen and with a QWERTY keyboard. Thanks to two GSM modules are designed to be both phones with two SIM cards used in parallel. Motorola has apparently two new dual SIM mobile phones in the pipeline. The Motorola EX 115 and the Motorola EX128 may be available in the coming weeks. The EX115 may, in its design to the remember Nokia C3. Below the transversely mounted displays, so with a full QWERTY keyboard Motorola EX115. 

The mobile phone will include a 3 megapixel camera, Bluetooth 2.1 and a standard headphone jack. However, for fast data transfer is to be abandoned, GPRS to the EX115 will not be possible. Few technical details are however far from the Motorola EX128 known. Both phones can be used in parallel with two different SIM cards with dual GSM modules. Unlike a dual SIM same time one is so accessible with two SIM cards. With such a dual SIM mobile phone, a private and a business use SIM card, without having to carry around two mobile phones with them. Both phones should already be available soon in Europe. The prices are already starting at low 100 Euros. The price for the EX115 could thus already start at around 100 euros. The EX128 will be 120 euros is not much more expensive.
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