Sep 29, 2010

Nokia N8

Hardly the Nokia N8 is officially launched, as there is already some criticism of Nokia's new smartphone with Symbian 3. The N8 is the first smartphone from Nokia, which will be released with the new software Symbian 3. Accordingly, Nokia does not have to splash out and equipped the N8 with all sorts of technical features that smartphone users now expect Sun It is not surprising that the N8 has a 3.5 inch touch screen with a resolution of 360 times 640 pixels and can transmit over GSM and UMTS support with HSDPA and HSUPA. Of course, N8 includes WLAN (with the fast n standard), Bluetooth N8 (version 2.1) and GPS on board of Nokia. 

Thus the N8 never out of breath is reacted with Nokia on the use of an ARM 11 processor with 680 MHz and an additional 3D hardware accelerator. Highlight is and remains the camera of the N8, which provides 12 megapixels and can record video at 720p. Much is expected from the new version of Symbian 3 OS. Symbian 3 supports multiple home screens and should be made for social networks. Since apps are increasingly important to support Symbian 3, the Qt cross platform and UI framework. This leads to the run those apps under both Symbian, as well as under MeeGo, the other smartphone operating system from Nokia. Unfortunately, the initial reactions to the new operating system are rather low. The hardware and especially the camera of the N8 were still generally seen as positive; it seems to happen to the software.

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