Jul 6, 2015

Xiaomi Redmi Note 2: metal frame and fingerprint reader confirmed by new photos

Xiaomi is finally preparing to unveil its Redmi Note 2 which is evident from the new photos on the web. Chinese manufacturer continues to show the new entry-level PHABLET on the web today, a sign that it is almost ready for launch. It was during the summer of 2014 that Xiaomi, for the last time, has enhanced its range of Redmi Note. Suffice to say an eternity in the segment of entry level smartphones. Also interesting was Redmi Note 4G is now a little behind with its older Snapdragon 400. It is high time that it is replaced, which Xiaomi should take care very soon. Indeed, after several missed appointments, including one at the end of June, the new model seems finally returned gradually into reality.

In mid-June came on the canvas a 3D model of a new smartphone Xiaomi signed. The reference was not specified but the lack of refinement in places suggested it could be the Redmi Note 2, despite the presence of elements usually reserved for high-end smartphones or medium, such as partial metal frame and the fingerprint reader on the back. And new photos today appear to confirm what we thought.

The photos in question were broadcasted repeatedly on Weibo and GizmoChina with the apparent certainty that they show Redmi Note 2. What is certain is that the smartphone is presented same as the preview last month. The chassis, metal, rounded, corresponds. We also find the circular fingerprint reader on the back, just below the camera. Funny, the author of Gizmochina confronted the Redmi Note 2 to the MX5 Meizu . And both smartphones have really disturbing similarities.

We should indeed also find some datasheets to believe the latest gossip about the Redmi Note 2 as it is expected, in particular, with a Full HD screen of 5.5 inches and an octa-core MT6795 chipset as found on the latest high-end Meizu, moreover also equipped with a fingerprint reader even if, in this case, under the display rather than the rear. The webcam should be another, with a resolution of 5 megapixels in both camps.

For the rest, the next Redmi large format should settle for a camera of 13 megapixels and a battery of 3000 mAh, all led by 6-based MIUI Android Lollipop. It's a bit lighter than what is proposed for MX5 but remember that the positioning is not the same. The latter is sold as a premium while the former is entry. So we are obviously curious about the price of Redmi Note 2, hoping that Xiaomi has managed to maintain its aggressive strategy. We should not have to wait more to find the answer. If it is not in the month, it will probably be for the next with the anniversary of Redmi Note 4G.
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