Jul 8, 2015

The LG G4s will be finally called G4 Beat?

New variant of the G4, the LG G4s was sighted for the first time last week. Positioned as a mid-range smartphone, it could finally be launched under the name Beat G4. After presenting the G4 pen and G4c, LG would have a third variant of its flagship to reveal to us: the G4s . It should also be bigger and better equipped than the G4c, to position itself as an intermediary between the smartphone G4 and its compact version.

GFXBench, on last week, previewed that this LG G4s could finally get out as the G4 Beat. This is certainly what we are reported on Technodify from which information relates however conditional, since the site think there was 70% chance that the smartphone is launched under this name.

Its predecessor, the LG G3s was launched under the name G3 Beat in Asia last year. We think the manufacturer should proceed in the same way this year by launching this smartphone as the G4 Beat on the Asian continent, and G4s in the rest of the world.

Aside from that, we learn nothing more than we already knew. Let us recall that the LG G4 Beat is expected to come with 5.2 inch screen with full HD resolution, under which hides an octa-core SoC 64-bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 1.4GHz and with 2GB RAM.

Coming to storage, it just comes with 8GB, but fortunately a MicroSD slot should enable it to add a memory card up to 64GB. Note also that an 8-megapixel sensor is part of the back of the camera and a 5 megapixel camera on the front face. Also known under the codename LG H735, this LG G4 Beat should go out in the latest version of the mobile operating system from Google, Android 5.1 ie Lollipop. For now however, we have no information about its price or on the date of formalization, but its presence on GFXBench proves that marketing is pretty close. Its launch could therefore take place before the end of the month.
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