Jul 8, 2015

OnePlus 2: several versions in preparation?

OnePlus released the technical details of its next smartphone in recent days and they were more behind the name "OnePlus 2". A leak in fact reveals slightly different mobile official information?  OnePlus 2: the successor to the flagship killer will ship 4 GB of RAM to LPDDR4 format. This is a RAM that is not only faster and more powerful, but also more energy efficient. It will be perfect to accompany the Snapdragon 810 which will lead the mobile. However, all models may not embark much RAM.

This is what the same leaker who posted on her Weibo account reveal those ten days a realistic visual of an OnePlus 2 (see cons). The intrusive character today published a still charming specs (especially if the price is low), but less surprising than what we might expect from OnePlus. We discover the Snapdragon 810, 1.8 GHz processor (concession made to prevent overheating) and accompanied by 3GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage.

The battery powered with 3300 mAh. The Front camera comes with 16 megapixels (again slightly better than the One) and 5-megapixel webcam (as on the One). Finally, the screen remains at 5.5 inches, would display an image in 1080p. We would find the USB Type-C port Oxygen on an Android OS 5.1 Lollipop basis, all would be confined in a very probably given metal part of the weight of the movable frame, 166 grams.

This datasheet is interesting, but, again, far from being the most surprising. However, the leaker adds some interesting information which is Model "A2001". Remember, last week, we revealed that there are three serial numbers for OnePlus 2, revealed by the Bluetooth SIG during certification of the mobile. The serial numbers are A2001, A2003 and A2005.

According to information collected from Geekbench last May, the A2001 is actually built on 3 GB of RAM and a Snapdragon 810. This corresponds to new information learned today. In late June, a second model was spotted in Geekbench: the A2003. It has 4 GB of RAM. This suggests that both versions (at least) are provided.

The first is economic with full HD and 3 GB of RAM and the second is premium rather with 4GB of RAM and probably a Full HD screen whose size is between 5.5 and 5.7 inches. The question is whether this is confirmed and what is the price of the smallest configuration (the other being provided for less than 450 dollars). And if there will be a third model, the famous A2005 which has so far not pretends to show.
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