Jun 27, 2015

Apple removes the home button on the next iPhone

According to rumors, Apple could eliminate the Home button on its upcoming iPhone, to further increase a little more the size of their screens without having to make a major change in the dimensions of the unit. But this would present a problem: where would the fingerprint reader, located just below the home button? It is rumored that Apple would develop a new screen where the fingerprint reader will be integrated.

DigiTimes cites unnamed sources in the Integrated Circuit Industry Taiwan, certifying that Apple is working on solutions "single-chip touch and display driver integration (TDDI)" for the next iPhone. This would enable their screens also work as a fingerprint reader.

Apple has also filed several patents which refer to this hypothesis in the future. Therefore, we cannot rule out the possibility that the fingerprint reader can be moved on the screen. However, this change would bring a major change in the software experience because the Home button is also used to return to the applications and launch Siri. It is thus likely that these features will be done through gestures if the Home button no longer exists.

It is too early to say if or when Apple will implement its projects and launch an iPhone devoid of home button, which remained a constant feature on its smartphones since the first iPhone came out in 2007.
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