Oct 3, 2009

Yahoo messenger for iPhone

Yahoo! Messenger for iPhone, instant messaging application that will allow everyone to chat and keep in touch with your friends using the Apple iPhone or iPod Touch second generation. The software will allow you to change the image associated with your profile, your status, send photos to online contacts, and use the Yahoo SMS when you are offline. In the next release of iPhone 3.0 should be possible to use server push technology to keep up, even when using the device to perform other operations, thus not need to have the application always on top.

The Mobile Messenger is not new. They are applications (usually phones) that allow you to send messages with your contacts as if we were on our computer at home (or almost). But, often, or for the resolution of the screen, or for other reasons, messages from cell phone were difficult, and in addition, to send messages lacked most basic functions. With iPhone, however, things have changed. The introduction of new libraries on which to develop applications has meant that many users have all the programs that have always wanted. Now, among these applications, there's also Yahoo! Messenger app. Here are the main features:

* Instant Messaging: Send text messages back and forth with your friends, including emoticons, and web links.
* Photo Sharing: Take a photo on your iPhone and send, or take one from your gallery of photos to share.
* Stealth settings as follows: Log on as invisible, or change their state of invisible, once you're in app.
* Custom status message: Enter a custom status message that your friends can see. You can also add a link.
* Recent conversations stored: In the message, select a contact and see your more recent conversation. You can type a message from there to start a new chat.
* Special idle state: If you leave the 'app for any reason, as an incoming call or when you click on a link, Yahoo! Messenger for iPhone will keep you connected, but trigger is on stand-by. This way you can continue to receive messages and return to the application within ten minutes from when you left it.
* Other settings: Tap Settings to change the sort order of your contact list, or to show or hide the offline contacts on your list.
* Send SMS: Yahoo! Mobile Messenger can also send text messages (only USA).

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