Feb 21, 2016

Apple iPhone 5se: a concept from "iPhone 5s"

Virtually all the rumors of Apple titillate the imagination of designers, even when it comes to revive one of the most iconic mobile, the iPhone 5S. Here is a concept of 5se iPhone that combines the old and the present. According to the most persistent rumors, Apple would unveil on March 15 two new products: the iPad Air 3 and iPhone 5se. The latter would be a spiritual successor to the iPhone 5c, to the extent that it would be cheaper than flagship stores (the price will generally start around 780 USD). It would also be an updated version of the iPhone 5S, model particularly appreciated even today for its value. The mobile is indeed proposed in the operators for a few euros with grants. 

iPhone 5S brought up to date

However, the iPhone 5S, despite the fact that it is the first to integrate a 64-bit chipset (the famous A7 which upset the whole mobile industry processor) and a fingerprint reader (Touch ID) begins get old. To satisfy all small screen worshipers (the iPhone 5S 4 inches), the Cupertino would have planned to create a product that meets this request (smaller and smaller prices) while updating the formula. The new and the old mixed, that has not failed to titillate the creativity of budding designers. Which the young Arthur Reis, a Brazilian student whose career goal is to work in Cupertino. The visuals that accompany this article are from his work. You can find all the images on his Behance space (as well as other projects). You will notice that its iPhone 5se incorporates lines of iPhone 5 / 5S: aluminum on the edges, round volume buttons, glass reflective parts in the back, which surround a large metal frame, a photo sensor fully integrated into the chassis, a harbor surrounded lightning loudspeaker and 3.5mm jack port. As on the iPhone 5S. Even the location of the SIM drawer is identical: on the right slice in the middle.

Details from the iPhone 6

There are also many details that recall the actual design of the iPhone. First, the inorganic glass 2.5D that protects the touch screen. Then the button position on / off passing of the top bracket to the right side edge, like the iPhone 6 / 6S. Also note that the metal at the side of the phone and the central part of the back are one: it is a single piece that covers the mobile. Separations "anti-antennagate" are visible on the sides and bypass the reflective portions of the chassis. Which are also 2.5D glass lens. Last detail, the ridge edges are smooth and round here as the last iPhone. This concept is a smooth blend between the old and the new. Arthur Reis knew pleasantly marry the two movements to create a gently retro product but very modern and current. A great success which we hope, will approach the final result.
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