Sep 20, 2015

Apple iPhone 7: an attractive concept that is not short of ideas

The future Apple smartphone would only happen in a year, but that does not stop the fans of Apple to imagine what it would look like. The proof with this new concept is very well done but quite fanciful. The iPhone 7 smartphone seems to have most inspiring designer’s concepts worldwide. This week it is the turn of the Youtube channel AGXHQ to offer its vision of the future Apple smartphone, it reveals to us on video.

Operating a sharp break with the current iPhone 6S / 6S More out there a little over a week, this concept iPhone 7 comes with a metal and glass alliance somewhat reminiscent of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5, while we can get a borderless screen and a redesigned Home button.

This smartphone displays a 4.9 inch screen with a definition 4K and protected by Gorilla Glass technology. Under the slab take up a 64bit A9 chip and 2 GB RAM. Side picture, it features a back 16 megapixel iSight camera sensor with a new lens consists of 8 elements, together with optical stabilization. It is also capable of shooting 4K and may propose an idling up to 1000 frames per second. A Facetime sensor is in turn placed on the front panel with a resolution of 5 megapixels and an integrated flash.

Also note the presence of a physical button to take pictures, as well as a facial recognition system and a heart monitor. Running iOS9, this iPhone 7 would otherwise be water-resistant. As you can see, the iPhone 7 portrayed by AGXHQ is quite unrealistic and seems to be more fantasy than reality. Nevertheless, it seems there are good ideas to dip into this concept. Let's hope that Apple engineers are inspired to design the future iPhone.
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