Jun 30, 2015

OnePlus 2: The fingerprint reader confirmed

Third teaser on technical specifications of OnePlus 2: the fingerprint reader. Chinese startup confirms its presence. The question is where it will be placed. Like last year, every day OnePlus distills the details of the technical details of its flagship. The teaser campaign began last week with the announcement of the integration of the Snapdragon 810 in a version 2.1 would be better mastered the heat level. This continued a few days later with the connector USB Type C , the one that we find in some recent or announced devices (Nubia Z9, Saygus V2, the three LeTV models, etc.). Third detail revealed on the official forums and social networks: the fingerprint reader.

Confirming a rumor dates back to last March , the fingerprint reader has indeed been confirmed for OnePlus 2. This type of equipment is more and more common in the high-end, partly because the main actors of telephony, Apple, Samsung and Google, consecutively unveiled their own mobile payment solutions. Fashion is thus securing personal and banking data. OnePlus and justifies the presence of this component in its high-end future.

The manufacturer also reports that the biometric technology is now advanced enough to supplant the eternal PIN to unlock a mobile. Not only the fingerprint reading is more secure, but it is also faster. OnePlus explains choosing a technology that unlocks the phone three seconds faster than a PIN. Since each person consults his phone on average 200 times a day, this represents a saving of time of one hour per week or more than two days a year!

The manufacturer guarantees that the same technology used in the OnePlus is better than that with the Apple TouchID. A tribute in some way. But also a snub. Competition is never soft. OnePlus says that this technology did not exist a year ago, which is why the One does not benefit and to integrate the two. We therefore ask obviously the question: what is the identity of this famous new technology?

We believe it should be, without taking too much risk, Sense ID, fingerprint scanning technology from Qualcomm, presented at Mobile World Congress last March. Compatible with Snapdragon 810 (no chance), Sense ID is a fingerprint reader with ultra-sound that crosses all materials: glass, metal, plastic, sapphire, sweating or products cosmetics. Finally, the platform is compatible with the main technological components of access security. It would be surprising if in OnePlus chooses another.

There is one last question: where will be the fingerprint reader placed? We relayed yesterday the first pictures of an alleged stolen OnePlus 2. These images were a mobile contour close enough to those of the One, but with some nuances. Up front, the touchscreen is surrounded by finer edges (resulting from the integration of the navigation buttons in the interface and not on a dedicated touchpad). At the rear, the configuration of the elements surrounding the photo sensor is slightly different. Two possible hypotheses: either the ultrasonic sensor is hidden below the touch screen, which is almost a first. Either it is hidden under the one of the items on the back of the device, thus approaching a solution like the LG G4, the Huawei Mate 7 or Nubia Z9. Answer, very later, at the end of July, during the official presentation of the mobile.
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