Jun 29, 2015

OnePlus 2: a design that should look like the One

Several images were relayed this weekend. Their common: they represent the entire successor to the flagship killer OnePlus. And according to initial findings, the design of this future smartphone would be visually very similar to that of its predecessor.

The OnePlus One was certainly one of the five most anticipated smartphones of 2014. The promise of Carl and Pete Pei Lau was simple: provide a high-end smartphone at the price of mid-range. Result, the OnePlus One surpassed the million copies sold worldwide. And the success of mobile has undoubtedly been hampered by undervalued forecasts and protectionist trade strategy (symbolized by the invitation system so criticized). While OnePlus One is now counter (and continues to be a bargain), its successor is looming. The presentation of the latter will be made online, on July 27, via a virtual conference can be followed through a virtual reality application. A process that will take a look at the product as if you were there.

While waiting to discover the definitive design of OnePlus 2, several video emerged this weekend. The first, drawing comes from Weibo and presents the mobile flat, the visible bottom edge. In this installment, you'll find the USB-C port that was officially confirmed by the manufacturer and two grids of larger speaker than the OnePlus One. An effort on the audio outputs appears to have been done. Hopefully this will be the case of other small defects One, including the photo sensor. The comments accompanying this photograph say that the mobile measuring between 5 and 6 mm thick.

The other two visuals, pictures, were relayed by PhoneArena. The two shots, better resolution, revealing the front and back of the phone. The first observation at the sight of these three pictures is design. First, it is common to both leaks, which tends to confirm their legitimacy. Then, the mobile represented very similar to Oneplus, at least at the front. We want to show the silver trim running around the screen. You will also notice OxygenOS, the Android version of OnePlus, the navigation keys are integrated into the interface and not accessible from the touch surface below the display.

At the rear, however, some changes appear to be expected. The photo sensor seems to have moved from the spot, but the casing, here "wood" version (or faux wood), no longer covers the back and slices of the mobile. These are protected by a contour which appears to be metallic. The camera module has evolved. The question is what all the elements it contains are.

In less than a month away from the official launch of OnePlus 2, leaks seem to accelerate around the mobile OnePlus again, especially since the manufacturer supplies itself the news of its future representative. Furthermore the USB-C port, OnePlus confirmed the presence of Snapdragon 810 SoC Qualcomm that OnePlus announced as efficient without increasing the temperature (with a limit rate). Some observers believe that this choice is a mistake, especially in light of the experience of Xiaomi, LG, Sony and HTC. So let us leave to the brand the benefit of doubt.
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