Jun 27, 2015

Moto G 4G (1st generation): Android 5.1 Lollipop is finally available

After several months of waiting, users of the Moto G 4G (1st generation) will finally be able to enjoy the latest version of Android. Released in 2013, the Moto G 4G (1st generation) has finally received its upgrade to the new version of mobile operating system from Google.

Since this morning, many users of this smartphone received their notification indicating that the update OTA (Over-The-Air) was ready. The Moto G 4G (1st generation) purchased bare therefore go directly from version 4.4.2 to version 5.1 KitKat Lollipop (without going through the box 5.0.2) and now enjoy all the improvements that come up.

Users will thus be able to enjoy the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop, added to those of Android 5.1 (such as multi-SIM management, the voice in High Definition, as well as the tool Device Protection). Besides correcting some bugs and interface Material Design very similar to that of the stock release. This update weighs 450 MB, so remember to make a little room for everything to go well.

If you own a Moto G 4G (1st generation) and you still have not received anything, a little patience, you should see this happen notification shortly. But beware of possible confusion because Motorola has been out for two years several models of G. Moto Thus it formalized in order:

the Moto G (1st generation) - November 2013
the Moto G 4G (1st generation) - May 2014
the Moto G (2nd generation) - September 2014
the Moto G 4G (2nd generation) - March 2015

As you can see, this range is not really coherent, since the manufacturer has managed to get out a 3G model between two 4G models. Note in passing that if the Moto G 4G model (2nd generation) has it already received the update to Android 5.1, this is not yet the case of 3G Moto G, both of which are Android 5.0 Lollipop.
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