Dec 8, 2013

Do you really know Siri? 50 commands that might make you change your mind about the Apple assistant

Siri launched virtual assistance comparable to artificial intelligence smartphone movement. Apple's assistant was not the first service Voice control: it is simply the first to have tried to make natural interactions between human and machine. Contrary to the assistant which was present on Android, could ask questions to Siri, and the unit responded - or at least tried to give an answer more or less relevant in responding from several keywords. If the method has not changed, the understanding of Siri and its results have become quite breathtaking. 

Yet few people today use a voice assistant, except perhaps those who often take the road for work and who have what Siri connect the sound of their car. The Apple device then becomes a kind of practical hands-free kit to answer calls, send text messages or check the traffic, weather and GPS. But all this, it still uses surface. Siri is capable of much more than these simple functions and an American journalist Phonebuff has demonstrated on Youtube. His challenge? Ask 50 questions more or less difficult to Siri and see what the device can respond. 

The result is astonishing. "Reserve me a table for two tonight! "" Who is the greatest between Kobe and LeBron? "" Should I take an umbrella with me? "... there are many questions and answers remarkable. Siri sometimes has very expected reactions: when the reporter will say he is drunk, the wizard will offer to call a taxi. Siri also knows Morse translate sentences, find the nearest petrol stations, invert the colors on the screen, go to application settings, or, mocking Google Glass. 

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