Sep 1, 2010

Nokia Dual Sim Phones

Four new handsets unveiled Nokia. Thus the Finns want to increase their market share in emerging and developing countries. In the course of a charger was presented for the bike. The Nokia C1-00 has two SIM card slots; users can switch between them by pressing a key. A simultaneous application of both SIM cards is not supported. Other features include an FM radio, a flashlight and an extra long battery life. With one charge to the GSM dual-band device to achieve a talk time of up to 13 hours in standby mode about 1.5 months to hold out. As Nokia's Series 30 user interface is used. 

The three other dual-band GSM mobile phones rely on Nokia's Series 40 interface and are then equipped with micro-SD card slot, web browser, FM radio, music player, GPRS and Bluetooth support. The C1-01 has a VGA camera and controlled at least in India, the payment function Nokia Money. Up to 10.5 hours may be on the phone with one battery charge with the phone in standby mode keeps the battery by up to 21 days. The same battery life also provides the C1-02, which however, lacks a camera. Therefore, the mobile phone in selected markets for Nokia Money can be used.

The C2 has a VGA camera of Nokia and also dual-SIM fully supported. So that the user can, in contrast to the above C1-00 with two SIM cards to be registered. Touch of a button you can switch between the two SIM cards. The C2-2000 provides by far the worst battery life of four novelties. Already charge the battery after 4 hours of talk time. On a standby time of 16.5 days, on the other hand is nothing wrong. All four new mobile phones have a display with a resolution of 128 x 160 pixels and show up to 65,536 colors. Further, a stereo headset is at the C1-00, C1 and C2-01. First, Nokia will offer the C1-00 in the third quarter of 2010 at a price of around 46 $. In the fourth quarter of 2010, then C1-01 followed for about 60 $. It was not until the end of 2010 is the C1-02 for about 53 $ and the C2 for about 70 $ in the shops.

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