Sep 29, 2010

Facebook Mobile

Facebook phone is coming soon? Supposedly working employees of the largest social network in the world on its own smartphone, which will be customized for the mobile use of Facebook. What can the Facebook, and on how it looks, but is still completely open. Facebook is currently developing the software for a smartphone that will be produced by another company. The strategy is very similar to Google's luck-less high-tech Nexus One. The first "Google Phone" was made by HTC, but carried the Google logo. What could be the manufacturer for the production of the Facebook mobile phones responsible has not said.

Nor is it clear whether the device is sold exclusively in Facebook label. Another previously unanswered question is whether Facebook created a completely new operating system or relies on an existing OS such as Android and it changed only a few. In contrast to the technical details after all, the staff is working for the development of Facebook mobile. But the assumption is that there will be, for the Facebook phone more of a starter device as a high-end smartphone. When and if the Facebook mobile is actually on the market is still wide open.

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