Sep 29, 2010

Apple iPhone 4

The surprise was limited: Apple unveiled the new iPhone 4. It looks different to an improved screen, a faster processor and more powerful batteries have - and to buy soon. Apple attacks the competition with a revamped version of its iPhone mobile phones. The iPhone 4 have announced a drastically improved screen, longer battery life, a faster processor and a more powerful camera. The new screen has four times as many pixels as before. The higher resolution provides sharper images, such as the Apple in comparison to its predecessor, iPhone 3G demonstrated. As expected, the iPhone 4 has also received a second camera on the screen side for video chats.

The resolution of the main camera was increased from 3 to 5 megapixels. New software for video editing is also available. The phone has a modified, slightly edged style than previous iPhone versions. The heart is the Apple-developed processor A4, the first in the new Tablet PCs came iPad used. This will lengthen the battery life. The new operating system iOS4 allows the simultaneous operation of multiple programs. The third search engine after Google and Yahoo, Microsoft adds Bing. 

Apple has the iPhone in the past three years significantly influenced the development of the mobile phone market, especially in the field of smart phones, like the mix of phone and computer is called. The iPod and Mac Manufacturer indicated, however, an ever-increasing competition from the Internet Company Google with its Android mobile operating system exposed. Market leader for smartphones is still currently the world's largest mobile phone maker Nokia, but get the rivals to fast.

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