Jun 11, 2009

Google Earth for iPhone

Google has released an optimized version of Google Earth for the iPhone. The search provider provides the mobile version of Google Earth on Apple's App Store for free in 20 countries ready for download. The software supports all 18 languages, which also dominates the iPhone. On the iPhone, Google Earth, functions almost the entire desktop version. In addition, the software of Apple's Smartphone uses motion sensors to change views in Google Earth according to the inclination of the iPhone. Using the built-in GPS function of mobile phones Google Earth shows the current position of the user. Google Earth is the multi-touch user interface makes use of the iPhone. Thus, the image is out with a finger and pushed in, while provides the use of two fingers for a reduction or enlargement of the view.

If and when Google Earth for the mobile operating system Android will be adjusted, said Google does not cooperate. "We are big fans of the iPhone. It is a fantastic platform to demonstrate our technology," said Peter Birch, product manager for Google Earth. "We are also excited about Android operating system."

With Google Earth you get the most popular 3D interactive atlas on the iPhone. The freeware shows the Earth in three dimensions using high resolution satellite images on the display. The navigation on the iPhone Atlas is typical of finger movements on the display. Alternatively, you can reach from a direct search for a place. A finger double click zooms into the aerial photographs. If you move two fingers apart zooms it out again. The iPhone version also uses the motion of the mobile phone: With a simple turn of the iPhone we change the viewer’s perspective. Google Earth will react in the iPhone version amazingly fast and brings a very good resolution. The shift in perspective sometimes wobbles a bit, but quickly rises sharply. The functionality of the mobile version does not come up to the PC version, but the result on the iPhone is still remarkable.
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